"It's amazing what you can do with volunteers," the Democratic candidate wrote in a statement late Thursday, which came hours after various reports said she had fired her whole staff. AB InBev said the solar plants would provide its breweries with 250 gigawatt hours of renewable electricity annually. "The NBA family is devastated by the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna," NBA commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement. The various partners Uber has come up with have presented a number of different designs, but they largely operate under the same basic concept. "That's okay, because the macro focus really has been Chinese coronavirus, and what eventual economic damage that might do

The Iron Workers union endorsement of Biden comes after two key state organizations threw their support behind Sanders this month. Wall Street titan Mark Gallogly has decided to support Biden after assisting former Texas Rep. Many investors are now choosing to funnel their money into investments that address climate change risk, and asset managers are rushing to meet the demand. (Reuters)Boeing (BA) has secured commitments of more than $12 billion in financing from more than a dozen banks, as the industrial giant shores up its balance sheet from the nearly yearlong grounding of the 737 Max. Brendan McDermid | ReutersWall Street may be getting a bit too excited about the stock market's hot start to the new year

INDRANIL MUKHERJEE | AFP | Getty ImagesNetflix isn't stranger to slimmed-down subscription plans. That strong number precedes the Labor Department's monthly jobs report, which is projected to come in at 160,000 new jobs on Friday. Chinese state media confirmed on Wednesday that the number of coronavirus cases in the country had exceeded 6,000 and the death toll from the disease has risen to 132. Moody's determined that political fragmentation in many countries is hindering reform and will likely slow policy responses to domestic or external shocks, with minority and multiparty coalition governments becoming the new norm and political divergence increasing at the EU level. "Grab the credit or debit card you want to associate with Apple Pay

In 2018, Starbucks emitted 16 million tons of greenhouse gases, withdrew 1 billion cubic meters of water and created 868 kilotons of waste. "tweetIn San Antonio, Texas, an argument inside a club claimed the lives of two people and left five more injured Sunday night, police said. Thunberg was catapulted to fame for skipping school every Friday to hold a weekly vigil outside the Swedish Parliament in 2018. "The Islamic Republic had already pledged to retreat further from its nuclear obligations by next week. Still, for seniors, trying to jump start a new career, the search itself can feel very alienating

government would "make a decision based upon evidence, as opposed to unsubstantiated allegations," pointing to the comments made by the head of MI5. "Columbia Pictures | SonyDidn't have the time to see "Jojo Rabbit" or "Ford v. In a 2013 "Squawk Box" interview, Buffett acknowledged that newspapers were in trouble as they faced strong competition from internet news sources. The company's staff will use an operations platform powered by Google's cloud tech to come up with suggestions for putting its flight plan back on track. , Norway and others over the coming months, he suggested WTI futures "should not go much higher" than $70 a barrel this year

Synthetic melatonin is not regulated because it is not categorized as a drug. Giuliani, a former federal prosecutor, suggested he'd lead the president's defense with a prosecution. Aly Song | ReutersShares of Tesla have more than doubled over the last 3 months, and New Street Research believes strong demand and management execution will drive shares even higher. Parnas and another Giuliani associate, Igor Fruman, have been charged with making $325,000 in illegal straw donations to a super PAC supporting President Donald Trump, as well as with giving $15,000 to a second committee, amid a flurry of political donations to help them advance the interests of a Ukrainian government official and a Russian national seeking to break into the cannabis industry. This so-called short squeeze has lifted Tesla's stock past a key benchmark: The market value of the company is more than $100 billion

"All those added risks and potential expenses, that's an important factor when creating a financial plan," he added. Health firm Benevolent AI raised $90 million and virtual reality company Melody raised $60 million, while in energy Ovo raised $260 million from investors. has issued a travel advisory warning for China and the Trump administration is considering suspending all China-U. Younger voters are more likely to turn to online media for information. A lot of people were arguing China was letting its currency weaken to offset the tariffs

The average hourly wage in 2018 had no more purchasing power than it did in 1978, according to the Pew Research Center. "Follow @CNBCtech on Twitter for the latest tech industry news. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance at the University of Delaware. Also Las Vegas Sands and Wynn Resorts are well off their lows. The news led to money flowing into traditional safe havens such as gold and Treasurys and away from risk assets such as stocks

The World Health Organization is sending a delegation of researchers and other health experts to China to help combat the coronavirus outbreak. Rubio had raised alarms about the deal back in October, asking the committee to investigate. WTI crude on Monday hit its highest level since April while Brent was trading around September's highs. The big banks will also kick off the corporate earnings season next week. In the 2019 fiscal year ended August, Costco brought in $152

Senate Television | Getty Images"Every public official that I know believes that his election is in the public interest. But by Citi's measure, there's a good chance investors would enjoy another up year. "It is unfortunate to see this much effort placed at stalling the important, bipartisan progress we have made to open up health information -- at a minimum to consumers and institutions they trust. Nonetheless, last summer Trump asked Ukrainian president Zelenskiy to launch a new probe of the Bidens, a request at the heart of the current impeachment case against Trump. Ross Allen'" signed a contract for $350,000 for a flight from Dubai to Osaka to Istanbul